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How to Configure proxy settings in br0wsers

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How to Configure proxy settings in br0wsers Empty How to Configure proxy settings in br0wsers

Post by The Boss 2014-08-31, 8:07 pm

1)configuring proxy settings in Internet Explore

1) First of all you will need proxy servers (proxys) .

2) Now you will have to start Internet Explorer.Then click on Tools and select Internet Options

3) Then move to the Connections tab. At the bottom of the window in the Local Area Network
(LAN) settings section click on the LAN Settings

4) First of all check the box labeled Use a proxy server and after click on Advanced

5) - Type your proxy servers IP address under Proxy address to use and proxy port under Port

Check the box labeled Use the same proxy server for all protocols Click OK button

Now you have successfully setup proxy for your Internet Explorer

2) Google Chrome proxy settings

1) First click the menu Tools > Options > Under the hood on Google Chrome, then click on Change
proxy settings. (You can also click the Windows Start menu| Control Panel | Internet Options.)

2)Then click LAN settings button in Internet Properties window.

3) After that Check the option "Use a proxy server for your LAN", then enter your proxy settings.

4) Click OK button to close the Options dialog.

Set a proxy in Google Chrome separately and not using Internet Explorer settings


1) Proxy server settings are found in Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Network
(Mac: Opera > Preferences > Advanced > Network). Click the "Proxy servers"
button to open the proxy settings dialog.

2) Tick the checkboxes for the protocols you want to use a proxy for and enter the proxy
server hostname or IP address in the text field to the right of the protocol name
(HTTP, HTTPS...). To the right of the protocols there is a box available for the port number.Then it's done click ok!!

4) proxy settings in Safari

1) First open your safari browser and click on gear icon located at right top corner of your screen. Click on “Preferences…”

2) In “preference” window click on “Advanced” menu. In this advanced menu window we can find a row labeled as “Proxies:”, click on “Change Settings…”.3) Then after clicking on “Change Settings…”, another pop window will appear on your screen labeled as “Internet Properties”. In this window click on “LAN Settings”.

4) On clicking “LAN Settings”, another window will appear on your screen labeled as “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings”, In that window click on
the box provided in Proxy Server block .

5) On clicking that, “Address” and Port rows will be enabled. Enter both Address and Port and click on "OK".

Note: These settings will not be applicable for dial up connections.These settings will be saved after your confirmation and close all windows including browser.
Restart your browser to activate this settings

5) proxy settings in Firefox

1)First start Firefox. Click on Tools then select Options

2)Then click on the Advanced

3) Select Network tab and click on Settings

4) After that click on the radio button Manual proxy configuration

5) Type your proxy servers IP address in HTTP Proxy field and proxy port in Port

6) Finally click the box Use this proxy server for all protocols and finally click OK
Now you have successfully setup proxy for your browser
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