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Post by The Boss on 2014-08-31, 9:43 pm

This year is the next-generation of console gaming to evolve and the two console manufacturing companies SONY and MICROSOFT are battling it out with PS4 for SONY and XBOX-1 for MICROSOFT.

For the PS4 here are the specifications:
AMD x86-based 8-core CPU and an enhanced GPU
•    Blu-ray, DVD and HDMI output
•    8GB of GDDR5 RAM
•    'Instant On' capability
•    PS4 won't be backwards compatible with old games
•    PS4 users will be able to stream PS3 and older generation games online
•    PlayStation App" will enable iPhone, iPad, and Android based smartphones and tablets to become second screens
•    PlayStation 4 Eye - 1280 x 800 camera (Xbox Kinect style feature)

For the XBOX-1 here are the specifications:
  8 Core x86 AMD CPU
  8 GB System Memory
  500 GB HDD
  Blu-ray Drive
  802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi direct
  Gigabit Ethernet
  HDMI in/Out, 1080p, 4K support, Optical out
  USB 3.0

Starting prices for them are:
$399.99 for the PS4
$499.99 for the XBOX 1
But remember cost would go high due to shipping charges!!!

Release dates are:
22nd November,2013 for XBOX -1.
29th November,2013 for PS4.

Who will win this WAR?
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