How To Securely Erase Your Hard Drive

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How To Securely Erase Your Hard Drive

Post by The Boss on 2014-07-15, 12:45 pm

As we all know, when you delete a file from the recycle bin it doesn't actually remove the file from your hard drive. If someone gets access to your computer they can easily scan it and recover sensitive files and information that could potentially lead to identity theft. So we need to erase this information in such a way it makes it impossible, or very hard for a thief to steal this information.

A very good tool for this can be downloaded [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I will be demonstrating this on my PSP. I did a scan with a file recovery tool called Recuva. This was the result.

As you can see it found 111 files I have deleted since the last time I ran Eraser.

If not done already download and install Eraser from the link.

First to the settings and choose the erasure method you want to use. I use US Air Force 5020 (3 Passes). The more passes you use the better the erasure will be, but the longer it will take to complete.

Next we need to start a new task.

Select Unused disk space and choose which device you want the free space to be erased on

Click Ok, then Ok and wait for the erasure to end.

After it's finished there should be no or very few files left behind. In my case there were 7 although they were corrupted and didn't give any useful information.

You can now be safe that hackers can't get at your sensitive information.

Note: It will take a very long time to complete the erasure especially if you pick a method with more than 3 passes, but if you're not using your PC then it's a good thing to do in the mean time.

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