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Make sure you get an original strong decoder. I could remeber the last time i talked about free to air satelite channels, i said you could get some free to air channels by runing a blind scan right. Now am going to teach you how to get DSTV channels running on your strong decoder for free, yes i said for free.

1. You can watch dstv channels for free.

2. Increase your savings.

3. You would get extra channels like.. Super sport tv, movies channels, music channels, bbc, aljezera, so many channels for free.

4. You don't need a smart card any more.


1. A strong decoder

2. Dstv dish

3. Pointer

4.You need to read this lol

If you already have a strong dish and you are somewhat confused. Don't know if you should go get a dstv um the answer is yes. Go get one but if you don't have any of this items, but rilli want to get them , if you ask me i think you should go for the pointer cuz you can actually get these channels with the pointer.

The pointer is some what long with rings.All my efforts of trying to get a picture of the pointer prove aboortive. Am in school so i don't have it here with me and is not on the internet either.

1. Switch on your strong decoder

2. Goto installation >>> enter your code [0000] is the default code if not altered.

3. Click on manual settings .

4. When it opens , click on the first line and select esutsat 36 degrees E

satelite - Eutelsat 36 degree E
frequency - 12.522
Symbol - 19.531
polarization - V

Leave the rest.

5. Now save you settings. Open the manual scan again.

6. Connect your dstv cable to your mytv strong strong decoder.

7. Goto where the Dstv dish is located and turn it. You could keep some one in side the house to look out for the signal, the moment it turns green he or she should beckon on you. When he or she says the signal is ok, don't let go of the dish, make sure you knot it very well. Very important.

8. Now go back to your normal TV screen i.e the strong tv channels screen.

9. Scroll through the channels and you would discover that somany channels have been added to the list.

10. Well done fella. You hit the spot. Lol

Now for those using pointer, you can go through same step and get same result. Did i just say same result? Sorry i meant to say a better result , cuz when you make use of the pointer you get more dstv channels added. Unlike dstv dish the pointer comes with lots of channels. Am not saying the dstv won't give you what you need
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