[TUT] How To Connect Xbox To VPN Connecton.

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 [TUT] How To Connect Xbox To VPN Connecton. Empty [TUT] How To Connect Xbox To VPN Connecton.

Post by The Boss on 2014-07-15, 12:37 pm

What you`ll need:
WiFi Connection
Laptop with LAN port
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Ethernet Cable
If you don`t already have a VPN purchase one or download the free ones


Connect your PC to your Xbox with the LAN cable.
On the Xbox, go to System Settings>Network then make sure that your IP and DNS settings are set to automatic. This is the Xbox default, so it should be preset if you haven't changed it.
Then go to the "Network and Sharing Center" on your PC. This is found under the start menu, utilize the search bar to find it.
In the Network and Sharing Center, click on "Manage Network Connection" in the left sidebar.
Right Click on "Local Area Connection." Then navigate to "Internet Protocol 4."

You have to Click on "Use the Following IP Address" if it isn't already set. Set IP to Set subnet mask to Leave the rest blank.

Next you must go to your VPN and select properties. How your VPN is setup may vary from my tutorial try to stay with me.If you are using one of the free VPN's, connect to the VPN, go to the icon on the bottom right of your screen . Select "Network and Sharing Center," then select "View Status" on the VPN connection. Click on Properties, then navigate to the sharing tab.
Select the "Allow Other Computers to Connect Through This Connection" option in the sharing tab. Also change the "Home Networking Connection" to "Local Area Connection."
Then uncheck the "Establish Dial-Up Connection" and "Allow Other Network Users to Control" boxes.
Make sure that you are now connected to your wireless network, and your VPN. Almost done
Finally, "Test Network Connection" on your Xbox 360 and it should be all done.
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