Best 20 Windows Run Commands

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Best 20 Windows Run Commands Empty Best 20 Windows Run Commands

Post by The Boss on 2014-07-15, 12:25 pm

Microsoft windows Run dialog box is there to help you save time by typing some windows run commands. By using Run dialog box you can easily launch any program or application easily. Today i am going to share with you 20 Best Run commands which really will increase your work speed in Microsoft Windows.
Here are the top 20 Run commands that are mostly used by pro windows users. You can safe alot of time by using them.

To Launch Windows dialog box; you can use WIN+R (i.e Windows Logo Key + R)

These are the commands:

Winver: This gives you the version of Windows OS you are using.

Calc: This is used to launch calculator.

Msconfig: msconfig command opens Windows startup Configuration dialog box.

Taskmgr: This opens Task Manager.

Control :This command is used to open Control Panel in windows.

Regedit: Regedit command is used to open windows registry editor.

Cmd: cmd run command is used to launch command prompt.

Appwiz.cpl: This command opens the "remove program dialog box." that is normally located in control panel.

Firewall.cpl: You can easily open firewall settings in windows using this command in run dialog box.

Compmgmt.msc: This command is used to open Computer Management settings.

Dxdiag: run this command to open direct x troubleshooter.

Fonts: fonts command is used to open All installed windows fonts.

Mspaint: Launch Ms paint in Microsoft windows with this run command.

Sticpl.cpl: This command can be used to open camera and scanner setting in windows.

Igfxzoom: igfxzoom command is used to open Zoom utility inside Microsoft Windows.

Shutdown: This command is used to shutdown the computer.

Write: This command is used to launch Wordpad.

Wmplayer: open Windows media player using wmplayer run command.

Msinfo32: This is a command used to get system information

Explorer: Explorer command is used to open windows explorer (not internet explorer). Iexplore.exe: This is used to Launch internet explorer.
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