The Richest Kenyan Pastors

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The Richest Kenyan Pastors Empty The Richest Kenyan Pastors

Post by The Boss on 2014-08-31, 9:03 pm

They receive hefty remuneration for preaching the gospel to church goers. Some of Kenya’s pastors are ranked amongst the most powerful and wealthiest public figures in the country. Many of them wear designer suits, drive luxurious vehicles and go on family vacations to the most expensive destinations. Pastors have been able to get rich beyond wildest expectations mainly because demand for spiritual nourishment has skyrocketed in the recent past. People are more than willing to pay tithe, give offerings, gifts and even plant the controversial ‘seeds’ in excess. This trend also explains the rise of numerous churches; some having genuine intentions but others which have been found to be scams. Here are the richest Kenyan pastors.

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