How to use Proxy in Google Chrome to Unblock restricted websites

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How to use Proxy in Google Chrome to Unblock restricted websites Empty How to use Proxy in Google Chrome to Unblock restricted websites

Post by The Boss on 2014-08-31, 8:00 pm

Website Banned by Web Hosting Rules?
Every country have its own rules. If anyone go against their rules then it will be banned. For example if you are hosting Hacking Tools or related to hacking material or Full version softwares that is against the company rules, then you will be banned in by inshore web hosting companies. But if you buy a Offshore web hosting then its OK!. They will not ban you because sharing keygens and hacking type material are not in their rules. Same like Google Web Hosting (Blogger: 1GB Free Hosting) have also against hacking material or keygens.

Website Banned by Country Rules:
By country rules lot of websites are banned in each country. Like “Porn” websites or “Hacking” websites in some countries. Recently the largest Video Broadcasting website “Youtube” has been banned in Pakistan because of Sharing videos against religion of Islam. Such type of Websites are not opening on normal proxy so we have to add proxy of another country to open that website. Here we discuss how to add Proxy to Google Chrome to access restricted websites. On other websites there is a log process to change the proxy everytime, I am going to tell you the shortcut, you just have to add a plugin in Google Chrome and add IP Once. After that you can change your IP in just on a Click.
* Add Proxy Switchy! to Google Chrome
* Add Proxy to Proxy Switchy!
* Apply Proxy

Adding Proxy to Proxy Switchy:
Step 1: Go to Cool-Proxy. (For fresh and working proxies)
Step 2: Copy the Proxy of any Country You Like
Step 3: Click on Proxy Switchy icon and go to Options.
Step 4: Paste the Proxy and Port on Manual Configuration and mark on “Use the same proxy server for all protocols”.
Step 5: Click on “Save” and Close the Tab.
Step 6: Click on Proxy Switchy Icon again and now click on Profile Name (Default) or you can change your profile name also.

And for the carders is also simple way to use socks in google chrome
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