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Post by The Boss on 2014-08-31, 7:54 pm

There are many computer tips and tricks which you must know. Some of these tips and tricks are very essential for your better computing experience. These tips are normally applicable to all windows operating systems. Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are some of the operating system on which you can apply these settings.

Many users have computers which are running very slow because of many software installed. There many be other reasons why your computer is running slow such as Less RAM memory.

Now, I am going to tell you some system tweaks which will help you in many ways. These Tips and tricks are easy to follow and even beginners with a new PC can do it.

1. Disable System Restore

System restore takes a lot of space on your PC. Many software backup the data and create a system restore point which takes space from your C drive. To avoid this you need to disable the System Restore settings. However make sure you got atleast one system restore point. For Windows XP users, you can follow these settings-
Right Click my computer.
Click on Properties.
Now Click on System Restore.
Now check the Turn off system restore for all drives.
For Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista users, Check My computer >System advanced settings>System Protection tab. There you will find it.

2. Turn Off Windows Update

Windows update is an automatic process if you do not set it yourself. Windows updates downloads many files from windows servers in order to update them. However, you do not need all the files in that updates for normal computing. It fills up the hard drive when it installs. Secondly, it takes a lot of time in updating too. Overall, It's a headache. So, Go to your Control Panel. Find Automatic Updates and Turn it off or Click Ask me before downloading any updates.

3.Disable Delete Confirm Box

Whenever you delete an item in any of your hard drive, there appears a box asking you to confirm deleting that item. You can totally avoid this to save time in deleting the folders and files on your system. Follow the steps-
Right Click Recycle Bin.
Uncheck the Box which says Delete Confirmation box.
Apply and Ok.
You can also check the option which says to directly delete the folders and files without putting them in the recycle bin. or Simply press Shift + delete while you delete a file or a folder.

4. New Toolbar in your Taskbar

There are some folders which we access regularly or more often than usual. If this folder is in the some drive and inside many folders, you will be wasting a lot of time in opening it again and again. Even, notice how many times you open your hard disk drive through my computer. To save you some time, follow this -
Right Click on Taskbar.
Click on Toolbar.
Now Click on New Toolbar.
It will open explore where you need to select the desired folder.
This way that folder will be created as a new toolbar in your taskbar and you can access it directly.

5. Increase Overall performance

To increase overall performance of your computer, you need to deselect all settings which windows check automatically. You can do it by going to my computer properties. Go to Advanced System settings. Click on settings in front of Visual and display settings. Now check in front of Maximum performance. It will however remove colors, animations and fade effects from your system.

Hope these tips and tricks will be of use to you on your computer
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